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Spiritual nourishment

Haniel Sofia is French of Greek, Armenian and Egyptian heritage. She lived for twenty years in England where she was a University lecturer and Higher Education manager for sixteen years (mainly at the University of Nottingham). She then ran a counselling practice about the psychology of nourishment in Birmingham for four years before she left England to start her travellings in Greece.
Through her counselling practise she realised how much spiritual nourishment is lacking in our society and how much our soul is yearning for a more meaningful purpose in life.

She lives now on the island of Patmos where she organises retreats, seminars and cultural tours for pilgrims and visitors.

Her teaching covers the main universal archetypes as tools of personal transformation: the zodiac, the tree of life and the eight point mandala or wheel of life.

She has a creative and practical approach to the spiritual path bringing more light and inner joy into everyday life.

She shares her spiritual practise and her life experience in her inspirational book You are the light of the world’ which is supplemented by guided meditations and visualisations you can download from amazon. This works as a self-help method to grow your inner light and feel more aligned, empowered and dedicated to your life purpose.

One of her main inspiration comes from the work she experienced whilst volunteering for the Findhorn community in Scotland. She is one of their resource person forming the web of Lightworkers around the world.