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I live on the island of Patmos in Greece where I organise a programme of seminars focussing on personal, emotional and spiritual development. The seminars are held on the island of Patmos in Greece. I also offer angelic constellation sessions via skype. I am the author of a self-published book entitled ‘You are the Light of the World’ where I share a process of spiritual development which helped me overcome the fears which were blocking me on my path of realisation. After a university career of 20 years, I opened a  psychotherapy practise in Birmingham (UK) where I accompanied people facing difficulties with their relationship with nourishment and with their body image.
From a very young age, family tragedies pushed me to search for the meaning of life. My family origins (French, Greek and Armenian from Egypt) gave me an ecumenical perspective and a deep respect for the wealth of spiritual traditions. I have studied traditional wisdoms and have found great resonance with the Christic message and spiritual alchemy. My initiating quest brought me through a series of synchronicities to the island of Patmos in Greece. Today, I share my psycho-spiritual tools with others so they can align themselves to the calling of their own true self.

Discover your Angelic Constellation

 An angelic constellation session usually lasts about one hour. I will have calculated your astrological chart beforehand and will be able to give you your angels’ names. These angels form the circle of protection and information around you, they guide you towards your inner-self and help you answer the question of every soul: “how can I become the truest version of myself?”.
This encounter with your angels invites you to an initiating path and the goal of achieving the fullness of your being.  Angels enable you to cross the important phases of your psychological development and of your spiritual awakening. During the session I will explain how to use powerful tools such as colour, meditation, visualisation, symbols or key words to resonate with the particular angels who are supporting you in your process of reharmonisation. Read the testimonials

Seminars for personal development

The aims of these seminars are to:

  • contribute to your personal development;
  • guide you in your spiritual quest;
  • give you the opportunity for relaxation and well-being;
  • reconnect with nature;
  • discover aspects of the Greek and Byzantine cultures;
  • enjoy the sacred and peaceful context of Patmos;
  • taste local gastronomy;
  • and to meet, share and be inspired by others in the group.

Most of my seminars are delivered in French but I am planning to offer seminars in English from the summer of 2021.  I facilitate some seminars on my own, like ‘Discovering the Greek Orthodox Easter” or the week on angel connection. Other seminars I deliver in collaboration with other specialists, for example ‘Carnet de Voyage and sacred plants’ with Anne-Marie Buttin, art therapist and herbalist, or ‘The Sacred Feminine supported by the practice of Qi Gong’ with Marie-Jose Perez, a qi gong and tai-chi teacher of 18 years.

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Patmos, a UNESCO World Heritage Island

Between nature, culture and sacred sites, Patmos is still a traditional island which you will not share with too many other visitors. You will discover places which are ideal for the reharmonisation of the senses, meditation, contemplation … you will feel nourished by its beauty and its gentleness. You can swim in turquoise water and lie on non-commercialised beaches with tamarisk trees for natural shade, and you will hear the donkeys sing as well as the shimmering of the small bells of the goats. You will eat in restaurants which are family-run, use local products and offer authentic cuisine. Island paths will lead you to sites sacred to the Greek goddess Artemis, Saint John, mysterious revelations, miraculous icons, pilgrims, hermits … and your personal spiritual quest.